The year is 20XX and Humanity is subject to the diseases of age related errors in their unaltered DNA. The invention of computers in the previous decades allowed to science to understand these diseases and ultimately eliminate them from the subjects DNA, resulting in human beings that could set their preferred age and slowly grow in to their preference. These humans grew to be much larger, stronger and far better looking than their unaltered counter parts, which were referred to as Native Human Beings.

As more time passed, the ultra rich could purchase Enhancements for their body and they became less and less human. Imagine what it would be like to have skin that couldn’t be pierced by a sharp object — to have skin literally as strong as diamond! You could jump off a cliff 20 feet high and not feel any pain, or swim under water without needing to breathe for as long as you wanted.

Some chose to remove sleep from their routine, deciding to embrace this as a form of recreation instead, opting to work on building large business empires; they became unstoppable forces of commerce and wealth. These were the first of the Trillionaire class of wealth yet as the decades came, more and more of these Trillionaires emerged. Augmented beings who were more nanotechnology than biology.

The Elite of the planet refused to give up their political powers and hired private armies with enough nano technology to make them far superior than mere soldiers. No one could stop them. There is a story known in Earths history as The First Dictator To Never Die, who began his reign in the year 20XX and rules to this day, who is known to the Solar System only as Solace, the first Star Lord.

Star Lord was the title given to those in the ultra rich category of wealth, who built great Starships and moved in to the stars and claiming ownership of the Planets in our Solar System.

Earth. Luna. Mars. Mercury and Venus. Jupiter, Saturn. Pluto.

In the years that come, each of these planets became owned by the Star Lords, the new rulers of everything. The population of Human Beings in the Solar System soared in to the Trillions, with each planet terraformed in to the ideal planet for humans to expand.

Star Cities were built in the orbit in between planets, housing hundreds of millions of Human Beings there too.

This is the Golden Age Of Man — but not all men. The disparity between the rich and poor was staggering, greed ripped friends and family apart, slavery to mine resources was main stream and accepted. Crime and terror were a natural part of who we became, some Star Cities were converted into work camps for those who were caught, or were too poor to escape the unfair justice of the Star Lords.

This is the future of Mankind if we do not change our ways.

The year is 2307, the first Solar Was has begun.