The year is 20XX:

Humanity suffers from disease, old age and death from their unaltered DNA. The invention of computers in the previous decades allows for science to understand such diseases and repair these flaws resulting in Human beings that could live forever. The Nanotek was extremely expensive costing billions of dollars; these were the first Star Lords who grew to be much larger, stronger and far better looking than their unaltered counter parts which were referred to as Originals. As decades passed the godly rich Star Lords became obsessed with transcending their DNA becoming less and less human. They would never die of old age, were mostly immune to physical damage and wielded truly impressive strength. This combined with Super Intelligence and their future millennia of wealth building, some Originals began to accept them as Gods.

Ambitious Star Lords chose to remove sleep from their routine, embracing this as a form of recreation and opting to work on building Industrial Empires; they became unstoppable forces of commerce and wealth. These were the first of the Trillionaire class of wealth and as the millennia came, more and more of these Trillionaires emerged.

The Elites of the Earth refused to give up their political powers and created private armies infused with Nanotek. The Nanotek Armies were far superior than mere Original Armies. No one could stop them. There is a story known in Earths history as The First Dictator To Never Die, whos began his reign in the year 20XX and continues to rules to this day. He is known to the Solar System only as Solace the First Star Lord.

Star Lord was the preferred title earned by those in the Godly Rich class of wealth, who built great Starships and moved in to the stars and claiming Ownership of the Planets in our Solar System.

Earth and Luna. Mars. Mercury and Venus. Jupiter, Saturn. Pluto. For eons these planets existed as descolate rocks orbiting our star, but now life exists on every planet and beyond. The population of Human Beings in the Solar System soared in to the hundreds of trillions.

Great Star Cities orbit our star as well where billions of Human Originals live in poverty and prison, middle class and elite social status. Children were born and grew and died without ever having seen a real sky. Some were born into slavery and prison, forces to mine Star Plasma as great risk and injury. Some chose to try escape to Jupiter, a haven where a person could disappear from The Registry and become someone els entirely.

This is the Golden Age Of Man, but not for all men equally. The disparity between the rich and poor was beyond staggering, greed ripped friends and family apart, slavery was main stream and accepted, expected even. Crime and terror were a natural part of who we became, some Star Cities were converted into work camps for those who were caught, or were too poor to escape the unfair justice of the Star Lords.

To make matters worse the alien Centaurian Horde has arrived from Alpha Centauri in search of Star Plasma and conquest. At some point there was a ceasefire and trade deal made, our home Star became the source of industry and profit, slavery and death and all out war stood on the edge of a knife.

The year is now 2307 and The First Solar War has just begun.

Will you be a Solar War Hero?