Build Your Own Adventure
Board Game!

Head to Head (1vs1)
Party Mode (2vs5)

This board game is easy to learn, super fun — and best of all you get to betray your friends!

Watch the gameplay video!
(Early Version)


IT'S EASY! Easy To Learn Picks Up Quickly Has Clear Instructions Starts Fast

Most of the cards tell you what to do! You’ll spend more time playing the game than reading the manual, new players can jump in and enjoy the game with you!

Solar War Heroes Build Your Own Adventure Star Lords
Solar War Heroes Build Your Own Adventure Centaurians

IT'S FUN! Great Ice Breaker Perfect Party Game Everyone Can Enjoy It

Featuring two distinct games modes:
Head to Head | Party Mode (2-5p)
No matter who is playing it, you’ll have a blast. It’s kind of like space chess, with a randomly generated board, crazy items, interesting situations and exciting adventure!

BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS Make Memories Hilarious Situations Laugh A LOT Watch Friends Squirm

As you play you’ll pick up BETRAYAL CARDS that can only be played once the primary objective is achieved. Shoot your friends in the back and struggle to survive the fray! But be careful, they can counter you — either way it’ll be a fun story for years to come! Good luck!

Solar War Heroes Build Your Own Adventure Board Game 2

Launching 2021

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Solar War Heroes: Battle Build...