Solar War Coin (Crypto Currency)





PRE-SALE EVENT ENDS JUNE 30th, 2012 — Then the price doubles

$50 USD for 10,000,000 Solar War Coin

We want YOU to feel like a Star Lord, a term reserved for only the ultra powerful and ungodly rich. Your purchase of $50 USD today will buy you 10,000,000 Solar War Coin. 


You do *not* need to understand how crypto currency works to take part in this offer. We will physically mail you a certificate (paper wallet) containing your Solar War Coin.

You can buy SWC today and understand how it works later on. We will also have a special scanning tool for you to make a withdrawal on when our MMO launches.

For now this is your chance to own a crypto coin early and watch it’s value rise!

You can track the coins blockchain HERE

The official currency of our Online MMO

Our Online MMO is launching on Kickstarter soon and SWC Solar War Coin will be the official in game premium currency to make purchases.

Some of these things will be very expensive, especially as time goes on. Get in EARLY, get in NOW to be truely wealthy in Solar War Heroes: ONLINE!


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