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Solar War Heroes: Forever In The Stars


In 2012 AD Humanity reached a pivotal point in history. It was the beginning
of the Great Upgrade, and the end of mankind as it had been.

Disease, old age, and death had been studied and conquered. The rich could now
alter their DNA on a whim. The development of new technology allowed for science
to understand and repair genetic flaws, ultimately freeing Humans from the limits of
mortality. This technology was Nanotek: groundbreaking, nearly limitless in its
ability to repair the human body – and extremely expensive. Procedures such as
replacing the heart, building perfect arteries and veins, restoring beautiful and
youthful skin, all were available to those with billions to spare. Nanotek could even
create undying brains, connected to all mankind’s knowledge and bolstered with
artificial intelligence. Those who could afford these enhancements were the first
Star Lords: beings who grew to be much larger, stronger, and far better-looking than
their human ancestors. Unaltered humans were referred to disparagingly as
Organics. Most had no hope of affording any Nanotek and were cursed to live
ordinary, mortal lives of misery and suffering.

As the years passed, the Star Lords became increasingly obsessed with transcending
the limits of their DNA. They became ever less human, morphing into mechanical
hybrids with scarcely a trace of organic material. Immortal, nearly invulnerable,
possessed of titanic strength – those wealthy enough to afford the extra Nanite
could even summon fire, ice, or lightning. Combined with their vast intelligence and
millennia of wealth building, it was no wonder most Organics began to worship

Ambitious Star Lords chose to stop sleeping, embracing it as a form of recreation
instead. While their human consciousness rested, their Nanotek brains would keep
working, going about their business as usual – their behavior indistinguishable from
normal, whether or not the sliver of humanity within slept. Working around the
clock, they became unstoppable forces of commerce. These were the first of the

The Star Lord Elites of the Earth refused to cede power to mere Organics, investing
in private armies enhanced with custom-tailored Nanotek. Organic militaries
couldn’t compete with these unstoppable forces. They didn’t even stand a chance.
Star Lords twisted the Organics’ natural DNA to produce monsters of their choosing
– Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins… and worse.

And among the Star Lords there were those who ranked even higher. There is an
Earth legend about the King who Ruled Forever. The legend is true, and the King,
who came to power in 2020 and never left, is known to the Solar System only as

Others like Viktor followed; rich men and women from Earth who transcended their
biology and became unstoppably wealthy; self-proclaimed monarchs who ruled
even above the Star Lords, Forever In The Stars…

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Forever In The Stars