Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce some company updates for Solar War Heroes Incorporated.

Where Are Your Acrylic Dice Orders?

They’re coming. We are in contact with our supplier who have had to fix some metal plates on our dice mould, the samples had some imperfections in them, the colors were slightly off. We expect to have these problems ironed out in the next 2 weeks and being the production run and shipping by mid April. We understand you’re frustrated about your order status and are working hard to get these out the door.

NEW DICE! Introducing the Torrid Dice

You can see more about our new dice design here: https://solarwarheroes.com/product/metal-torrid-dice/

We already have our manufacturing partners working on these dice and expect to be shipping them in April along side the Acrylic Tesseract Dice. We are aiming to have an Acrylic version of these dice made but are going to wait a few months to make sure everything goes smoothly with the Acrylic Tesseract Dice shipping.

If you’re a METAL Tesseract Dice customer we invite you to place a pre-order to the Metal Torrid Dice as you’ve already received your dice and can feel confident in the construction, material and quality of the Metal Tesseract Dice.

Our company is growing

Our founder, Andrew Normore is taking the company in new directions and seeking investment, we may be heading to Dragons Den next month. Our goal is to produce a bunch of new dice, finish our board games and TTRPG campaigns, and get this company back on track. We are negative funds right now but this is merely due to growing pains and figuring out how all this manufacturing stuff works. Now that Solar War Heroes Incorporated is experienced with these problems, we can do better. This is why we’re launching the METAL Torrid Dice that some of you have had glimpses of in the past and prove to our customers we want to do better. Upon the success of this dice launch, we will do more.

Your Support

Your ongoing support means the world to us. Creating a company is difficult. COVID certainly didn’t help any one out, as a bunch of dice orders were simply lost in the mail or held in customs for some customers up to 3 months! But none the less, we get messages from customers who are frustrated but eager to receive their order. We hear you, things are moving.

The end of COVID is here, let’s get back to gaming!


Andrew Normore, CEO
Solar War Heroes Incorporated