Star Lords are those who can afford to own empires, planets or star ships

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From those ashes was born the United Planets of Sol under the command of the Illustrious Grand Star Lords, who have united all of us against our new found foe… the Centaurians.

As we squabble against one another, a new threat grew closer. A race of humanoids that look very much like us — but who have turned their back on technology by converting it into a zealous religion.

Their pilots are revered as demi gods among their people. The Centaurians have taken over countless Solar Systems in our Galaxy in merciless conquest.

Foolishly we have accepted a cease fire, giving them mining rights to our Home Star for the essential resource of Star Plasma. If they continue, they will soon leach our sun dry, causing it to collapse in a Super Nova destroying the entire Human race. We are mustering our forces for an attack!

Will you aid humanity, or turn your back on it? 

Will you build an industrial revolution, or a mighty war machine?

The choice is yours.

Become a FOUNDER

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Cross Play On All Devices

It uses a new type of technology to deliver the exact same experience on every device, with one single account. You’ll love it.

  • Web / PC
  • Android App
  • iOS App


Now you can sit at your desk and get up and go without missing a beat. Your Starships will continue to operate while you plan your next move.


Massively Multiplayer & Persistent Universe


You’re a busy person, with a lot on the go. But you like to build your empire, level up your troops, and get rich! But why does this require you to sit behind the computer at all times? SLO is the Incremental Idle Game you’ve been looking for. You can set your Starship to mine, and close the browser. Then check your ship while on your phone, at work, and tell it to come home.

Our real time player economy means you can create sell orders, and make money while you’re away from the game!

  • 1 Persistent Universe for everyone
  • Manage a fleet of Starships under your control
  • Starships are always online

Easy To Play

Play online with your friends, or fly solo. We’ve made it enjoyable to play the game how YOU want to play it. We focused on creating an MMO because they’re cool, and fun.

  • Top Down View Graphics
  • Easy to use interface
  • Straight forward mechanics

Trade, Transport, Mining & Combat

SLO Has some great mechanics that are at the core of a good MMO. Each of these jobs are critical to the overall success of the economy and your role will shape the Galaxy.

  • Trade Water, Food and Medical for profit
  • Transport valuable minerals to where they’re needed
  • Mine precious ore from Asteroids or Star Plasma
  • Defend our Solar System from all threats

Diverse Skills & Components System

Choose to become a Master in a profession, or become a hybrid of your own choosing!

The choice is yours.

Train skills in the following professions:

  • Trader
  • Industrial Transport
  • Combat Specialist
  • Shipwright
  • Engineer
  • & More

Alliances & Social Play

Star Lords Online doesn’t just have Alliances like you might imagine, but a full and immersive social network!

You can connect with your Alliance members and other groups in our exclusive in game social network.

Collect Avatar upgrades and cosmetics by playing, look epic and be epic.

Claim Your LEGENDARY Starship Skin

Only 100 Golden Falcons will EVER be available!