Star Lords fight amongst themselves over the control of our Solar System. 

Amid  the chaos, the Centaurians have invaded our Star and mine it for resources down to its core.

Check out this video to learn more about The First Solar War and the state of our Solar System!

Our Products

Solar War Heroes:

Polyhedral Tesseract Dice

Sharp Crisp Edges with high visibility numbers!

Solar War Hero Tesseract Dice are masterfully crafted with a unique design. With a wide variety of colors you’ll be sure to power up your Heroes and impress your friends at the next event!

Solar War Heroes:


Head to Head | Party Mode (2-5p)

This board game is easy to learn, super fun — and best of all you get to betray your friends!

  • It’s Easy!
  • It’s Fun!
  • Betray Your Friends!

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Solar War Heroes:


FREE Android & iOS App

  • Enjoy this free to play single player game on Android and iOS! This is a classically inspired side scroller with power ups, unlockable heroes, and lots of enemies and boss fights!
  • Mega Missiles
  • Super Missiles
  • Quantum Ball
  • Jump Boots
  • Health Packs

Play now for FREE!

Solar War Heroes:


Become a Star Lord or Centaurian!

Join a community of Star Lords and Centaurian Warlords and BECOME a Hero in the Universe of Solar War Heroes! Customize your avatar, declare for a house and write your back story.

Create your Alliances and build it strong!

Our social network integrates directly in to the MMORPG!

Solar War Heroes:


Play Across All Devices & Platforms!

You’re a busy person, with a lot on the go. But you like to build your empire, level up your troops, and get rich! But why does this require you to sit behind the computer at all times? SLO is the Incremental Idle Game you’ve been looking for. You can set your Starship to mine, and close the browser. Then check your ship while on your phone, at work, and tell it to come home.

Our real time player economy means you can create sell orders, and make money while you’re away from the game!

  • 1 Persistent Universe for everyone
  • Manage a fleet of Starships under your control
  • Starships are always online